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Fnet FTP organization

To: (The List)
Subject: Fnet FTP organization
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 20:30:06 +0100
Hi all,
I've done a little bit of clean-up in
i486-linux/ is renamed to i486-linuxaout/
i486-linuxelf/ is renamed to i486-linux/

This is to live with our time (as we say in french)
So you will find the package i486-linux-1.tar.gz in the i486-linux/
subdirectory, as it's a complete Linux/MIPS crossdev tools suite for 
an i486-linux system (aka an ELF one!) There is also in this directory
a file named README.i486-linux-1.tar.gz, which contains Ralf's 
description of his work.

Happy Hacking, Stoned.

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