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Subject: Re: Subscribe
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 20:16:17 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
Hi again!

 > Yes - I realized that the list was private hunting down all the faq 
 > matrial.  However, I would definately like to help.  My system is a 
 > Personal DECstation 5000/20 (RS3000) running Ultrix 4.2 - and I am sick 
 > of it.  I was "reccomended" to buy the computer though the school when I 
 > was an incoming freshman.  And now that DEC dosen't support Ultrix 
 > anymore, I really want to change.  I've heard that a FreeBSD (or was it 
 > NetBSD) port was also in the works, but my roomate runs Linux and I like 
 > it a lot.
 > I am a fairly experienced C programmer, but I have not done any work with 
 > kernels or device drivers before.  I would definatelty like to try some 
 > work though - My next (and last) semester is going to be pretty light.
 > One of my roomate is planning on getting involved to the 8086 port of 
 > Linux; this apartment sure will be a fun place!
 > Right know my Ultrix box is not running because my DEC monitor is broken 
 > - when the monitor was working I was basically using the computer as an 
 > X-terminal for my roomates Linux box :)
 > Anyway, I would like to know where the RS3000 port stands and how I can help!

Well, then -- welcome to the Linux/MIPS development team! Sorry for
being a bit short, but I'm (the others know that already) a bit short
of time. Regarding the DEC port you should get in touch with Paul Antoine
( He currently leads the DEC port and already has
a partly working kernel. I can only say that there's a lot to do, but
even those of us not being kernel hackers before (like me) had fun
with low level stuff and drivers. It's just like DOS programming, as
Stoned said: If you make a mistake, it crashes :-)

Feel free to post any question you have -- someone will have an answer!


To Stoned and Luc: would you please subscribe Steve? Thanks!

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