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Subject: MILO
From: "Michael Laird" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 13:01:50 -0500
In-reply-to: Andreas Busse <> "Re: Information about Linux MIPS port" (Dec 4, 5:32pm)
References: <>
On Dec 4,  5:32pm, you wrote:
> In all cases, you first need a bootstrap loader if your board
> isn't ARC compliant (it probably isn't). Take a look at the
> ARC loader "MILO", available from to
> get an idea how Linux kernel can be loaded and launched.
> Included in the Milo package are a dummy kernel (actually a
> hello world program) which has been very useful to check the
> loader.

I'm going to take a look at MILO shortly, but maybe one of you folks could
answer a question about it for me -- what does MILO do besides load the kernel
into memory and jump to its start address?  Our board has a PROM monitor built
in that can talk to ethernet, load in executable code, and jump to a start
address; I'm hoping that I can use that.  Then I could just recompile the
kernel and boot the new version by downloading over ethernet.

> Feel free to post any questions you have. We'll try to give our
> best to make your kernel working before xmas, but I hope you
> have enough manpower available :-)

Right now, we don't :-O !  Brannen and I are the only two working on it right
now; hopefully that will change soon!

Michael Laird

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