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Re: Floppy driver bug.

Subject: Re: Floppy driver bug.
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 16:17:33 +0300
> Just look into drivers/block/floppy.c, into function set_fdc().  This
> functions calls set_dor() twice.  Once for controller fdc and once
> for controller 1-fdc.  The later call results in erroneous memory
> accesses when N_FDC (in <asm/floppy.h>) has been defined to 1, not two.
> Just put #if N_FDC > 1 ... #endif around the second call and everything
> is ok.

I found this bug on SPARC, so the fix should be in the mainstream 1.3.45
kernel by Linus already.


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