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Re: about Linux/MIPS

Subject: Re: about Linux/MIPS
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 20:55:00 +0100
In-reply-to: <>

 > I'm very interested in Linux/MIPS.
 > But I don't have R4000 based system.
 > If you have a plan for porting Linux/MIPS to R3000 based system,
 > (for example, MIPS RS3330... it's I have.)
 > may I help you ?

Thanks a lot for your interest in Linux/MIPS!

Yes, there are plans to port Linux to the R3000 family, and
there's also some progress, at least for DECstations.
Unfortunally, we don't have any code for older Mips RC3xxx
boxes yet, but there are several other people on our mailing
list that own similar machines.
If you like, you are welcome to join our mailing list.
Also, please let me know if you have further questions.

Best regards,

Andreas Busse                      |
Soft N Hard GbR                    | Phone: +49 2636-970105
Im Hufen Boden 16, D-53498 Waldorf | Fax:   +49 2636-970106

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