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Re: Weekend offline

Subject: Re: Weekend offline
From: "Paolo Bevilacqua" <pab@RMnet.IT>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 22:33:11 +0100
In-reply-to: Luc Beurton <> "Re: Weekend offline" (Nov 27, 14:30)
References: <>
On Nov 27, 14:30, Luc Beurton wrote:
> ...
> I've done some test this week-end too, and I found  that the function 
gprint_char is not very  slow but the real probleme is the scrolling. 
So, I try to use the option Top of the screen of the G364 board. The 
VRAM could be saw  as a circular buffer. I've only tested this way of 
scrolling on the Hello_World_VMlinux, with only  down scrolling. I think 
it could be as fast as a text card on my PC.
> So two questions:
> - Can we rely on 2MB of VRAM or is somebody got less with his G364 ? 
Low reas card, if it will be ever possible to actually use it, has 1MB 
> - Paolo, what's new with your 4bpp stuff ? less bpp we can use more 
this 'circular buffer' will be usefull.

I've almost done with 1 (one) BPP code. I didn't approached yet the 
scrolling code but that's better since Luc is doing it. Of course as 
smaller is the 'visible' portion of the buffer as more convenient is 
the hardware scrolling code. Anyway, the G364 doc states that values 
bigger then 256 shouln't be written into the top of screen register, 
i hope this isn't true. I hope that will be not too difficult to merge 
our the codes!


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