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Linux inter-port list [was: Re: Low-res problem idea]

Subject: Linux inter-port list [was: Re: Low-res problem idea]
From: "Paolo Bevilacqua" <pab@RMnet.IT>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 18:33:49 +0100
In-reply-to: Stoned Elipot <> "Re: Low-res problem idea" (Nov 25, 18:15)
References: <>
Hi again,

> >>>>> "Ralf" == Systemkennung Linux <> 
> [SNIP]
> Ralf> How about setting up a new mailing list exclusivly dedicated to
> Ralf> the purpose of porting Linux to other architectures?  I think in
> Ralf> general there is often a bit a lack of comunication between the
> Ralf> Linux peoples about such issues.  Recently the were a few email
> Ralf> discussions about portability topics.  Unfortunately not all the
> Ralf> people that should had interest in the discussion were involved
> Ralf> and I think a mailing list would be a way to solve the problem.
> Ralf> I think we could setup such a list with *fast* answer times on
> Ralf> either (Stoned, Luc?) or on

We're welcome to host the list at uninet sites, i think i would do it 
with the good procmail stuff Stoned told me time ago.


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