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Low-res problem idea

Subject: Low-res problem idea
From: "Paolo Bevilacqua" <pab@RMnet.IT>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 23:44:58 +0100
Hi again,
If my supposition about the cause of this problem (ie. board's bug with 
data in endianess different than expected) makes any sense, can the nice 
R4000 r/w with the 'right' endianess into the VRAM area ? I haven't my 
manual set around (that bunch of A4 paper is able to mimetize quite 
good) to check this now, but i'm sure that somebody on here knows ..

The only two env. (conf. floppy  and RISC/os PROM) with i've a good 
display are both b.e... gee... why we don't switch the whole thing to be 
? :))


NT note: 3.51 server release installation hangs at first disk access (i 
wanted to test graphic modes with it), i ran 
scsi(0)cdrom(x)fdisk(0)\mips\arcinst.exe and then ..\mips\setupldr but 
i'm not sure it's correct, i don't want to touch the glossy relnotes of 
NT .... brrr....

BSD4.4 note: The doc set is nice! Expecially the sysadm (ie one of jobs 
i'm supposed to do (too)) part tells nice things about lotta cool stuff 
... i'm fascinated by amd at the present ... Stability in file system 
availabity .... Watta dream ...

WIN95 note: It sucks (i feel like a young Linux fanatic when i say 
that), watta do you expected to read here ?


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