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Crossdevelopment binary package

Subject: Crossdevelopment binary package
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 18:03:16 +0100 (MET)

Hi all,

to end up the discussion about binary packages I've uploaded to
a snapshot of my installed binaries.  The binaries are in the archive
i486-linux-1.tar.gz are ELF format and have been linked with H.J Lu's
libc 5.0.9.  To install them just untar the archive into you root

The kit contains:

  - a.out development kit:
    - binutils 2.5.2
    - GCC 2.7.1 including C, C++ and Objective C compilers.
    - Linux libc 4.6.27 header ported to MIPS
    - Linux libc 4.6.27 binaries
      (The Libc 4.6.27 stuff is not really usable with either 1.2 nor
      1.3;  this directory is in the state in which I left it when I
      finally decieded to switch to the GNU libc.  I'm including it only
      for completeness and because it makes recompiling the a.out compiler
      a lot easier.)
  - ELF development kit:
    - Binutils 2.5.2
    - GCC 2.7.1 including C, C++ and Objective C compilers.
    - GNU libc-951116 header files for
    - GNU libc-951116 binaries
      (The GNU libc stuff is a snapshot of what I'm working on ...)

For installation just untar the archive into your root directory.  You
will have to fix the symlinks asm and linux in both /usr/mipsel-linux/
and /usr/mipsel-linuxelf/include/.  You may also delete the C++,
Objective C compilers and .  They are included for completeness but not
really required.  This will give you more than 4mb.

Some words about the future of the crossdevelopment stuff:

To increase or decrease (depends from your point of view ...) the confusion
I'll rename the targets mips{el}-linuxelf to mips{el}-linux as soon as the
a.out stuff is finally no longer required.  This will make the
configuration naming conforming to the scheme used by other Linux targets.

About 8.5mb packed (more than 23mb unpacked) are a lot; just one reason
why I'm working on getting rid of the old a.out stuff.  Furthermore I
intend to switch to the binutils 2.6 which's new features will also help
to reduce the waste of disk space, and especially on floppy disks by a huge
amount.  For now we'll still have to live with a installed development kit
in two flavours.


509b9f8c90e00389111790b58736c4c7  i486-linux-1.tar.gz

Version: 2.6.2


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