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Re: SCSI & style of life

Subject: Re: SCSI & style of life
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 14:48:54 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
 > Hum,... do you really think that SNI believe that people with enought
 > money to buy a RMx00 will want to run Linux ? RMx00 are good machines
 > I had the opportunity to play with somes last year, they were under
 > SINIX (an SYSVR4 system) which have provision for multi processors box
 > (I had once an account on a 16 R4400 SNI box with 1Go of RAM, gosh !!
 > what a BIG box, and it's called RM<something> :)

This is not the point. Truly nobody will run Linux/MIPS on a
1024-CPU RM1000, even if it could. Probably not even on a 2-CPU RM400. 
The point is that we can claim that Linux/MIPS is interesting enough 
that SNI supports it. 

 > I'm ok with that, we have to make a decision about the right tools,
 > and well Ralf can always play with the new ones (I will try them:).

Fine. No problem with playing with new tools, but there must be
some sort of standard, even if it's not the hottest, coolest and
whatever bells-and-whissle-equipped stuff.

 > What will be more usefull, code that runs and which is listed in the
 > TODO list, or a new coordinator ?

Guess what I think :-)


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