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Subject: Re: fwd: Re: Project flow...
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 13:13:10 +0100
Hi all,

 > Andreas Busse wrote:
 > > What I'm missing is someone who takes care of documentation. We
 > > have a web server at FNET, but the pages are probably totally out
 > > of date. The way FNET works make it impossible for me to keep them
 > > up to date since when the server was at Waldorf I was used to add 
 > > a word or sentence here and there, sometimes many times a day. 
 > What is the problem? Maybe I can be of help at this point?

Yeah, if you like... Just grab any news that are posted here,
make a short HTML description of it (in the style the linux-mips-news
page is), and then send it off to Stoned and/or Luc and tell us what 
you've added. 
Just take a look at
The last entry is of 9/22/95 -- a bit out of date...

Would be great if you could take care of our news paper.


Andreas Busse                      |
Soft N Hard GbR                    | Phone: +49 2636-970105
Im Hufen Boden 16, D-53498 Waldorf | Fax:   +49 2636-970106

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