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Re: Current mips port status?

Subject: Re: Current mips port status?
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 07:53:45 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
Hi Larry and all,

 > Hi folks,
 >      lots of talk on this alias but I somehow failed to get an idea of
 > where the mips port stands today.  Could someone summarize?

A bit complicated, but I'll try. Please correct me if I'm wrong:

Kernel 1.2.11.x: tested and works on all Jazz platforms, ie.
Acer PICA, Mips Magnum, Olivetti M700.
Kernel 1.3.39: works on Acer PICA, other platforms need testing
Drivers: Console, KB, Floppy, parallel, serial ok (on Jazz)
Filesystems: only ext2fs (others may work too, but not tested)
User Code: runs on all Jazz boxes
C-Library: under way (based on the GNU libc instead the Linux-libc)
Crossdev: upgrade to gcc-2.7.1 under way
other Platforms: status unknown. I believe the rPC44 comes to the
point where it tries to run /etc/init or the like.
Plans: SCSI and lowres console drivers for Jazz, port to SNI RM200.

 > Also, on the topic of cross development.  It occurred to me that if 
 > someone where to port SGI's efs to Linux, then IRIX could easily be
 > used to dual host Linux and IRIX.  SGI is moving to XFS, they might be 
 > willing to donate a port of efs.  Do all those boxes you have out there
 > run IRIX or is this an uninteresting idea?

Unfortunally not a single box runs Irix. The "official" statement
of SGI is that they do not want to have Linux to run on a SGI. Don't
know what's going on inofficially, but no matter what: An EFS port
to Linux would be a very interesting thing. The only problem is that
Irix is big endian whereas Linux/MIPS is little endian. 
If you can manage to make SGI release EFS code or at least sufficient
docs, you would do the world a favour!


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