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Re: SNI Alliance Partner

Subject: Re: SNI Alliance Partner
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 16:20:44 +0100
In-reply-to: Your message of "Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:06:53 +0100." <>
>>>>> "Ralf" == Systemkennung Linux <> writes:
Ralf> OK, well.  As Milo has already been mentioned - what patches for
Ralf> Milo yet unreleased?  From my side it's only minor stuff.  Milo
Ralf> 0.25 still works fine with my current kernel.

'Huges' ones from myself ;) Mostly about the NASP, but they need a
kernel update in the same step, and I still have problem with
assembler code in the kernel; I guess it's a stupid error but last
night I got very tired... and debugging in kernel_entry is... well
interesting :)

That's lead me to some questions: I will upload to fnet's FTP patches
on milo to test - before release ?? - with patches on kernel
(from Andy). Yes sorry, I haven't done a backward compatible stuff: no
more bootinfo struct..., what I was saying?, ah yes, should I grab the
1.3.x kernel and introduce the changes in, or what ?
Cheers, Stoned.

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