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Re: SNI Alliance Partner

Subject: Re: SNI Alliance Partner
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:33:59 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
 > OK, well.  As Milo has already been mentioned - what patches for Milo yet
 > unreleased?  From my side it's only minor stuff.  Milo 0.25 still works
 > fine with my current kernel.

I also have only minor changes, but with major effects on Magnums :-)

 > You're fine with gcc-2.7.0-2, gcc-2.7.1-1.  The old gcc-2.6.3-whatever should
 > also still be working though I'd not bet on that.

No, Ralf. We already had hassle with different compilers. gcc-2.6.3 seems
to be out of date, and gcc-2.7.1 cannot be used to compile the kernel
yet, as you recently said.
So gcc-2.7.0-2 is the *only* choice, and you also need a specific
binutils set for this. Please be more precise. Everytime we get a
new member on this list the hassle begins again. I'd love to tell
people: Get *this* binary, untar it in <whereever>, make these two
symbolic links and then go. You got the idea.
 > Not at all.  I've got a port of the GNU libc-951116 more or less working.
 > Various kind of applications do compile.  I just need to do some minor fixes
 > and this thing could be more or less working. If only the damn streamer'd
 > read that tape I could even upload the stuff ...

That's wonderful, but the reason for beeing lightyears away from an
editor isn't the missing libary but the available diskspace :-)

 > Why I hesitated to do uploads in the last time?  Well, I was heavily 
 > modifying
 > kernel interfaces to be something conforming to some standard.  I'm pretty
 > shure you people wouldn't like to update libc and the kernel daily :-)  The
 > tricky thing is that designing these basic system interfaces is a once in a
 > lifetime chance.  If you bug it, ...  The truly evil thing is that I have 
 > more
 > or less no documentation about all the stuff.  Guess what fun it is to
 > disassemble the kernels & libs of a certain company (I won't call names :-)
 > which is well known for it's graphic computers ...  A view things like
 > complete ABI (not the cutdown version of or even deeper
 > documentation could speed up the whole mess a *lot*.

Actually, I had no problems with no uploads from you :-) I do understand
that all this is complicated and I don't complain about no uploads.
I complain about missing coordination and documentation. If you don't find
the time to release compiler binaries, then pick one of list and tell
him exactly what to do, ok? Any volunteers?

 > Apropos speed - credits go to Wayne Hodgen for borrowing me his whistles and
 > bells 586 to me.  Without it I'd not be where I am now.

I'm sorry that the 486/33 I spend isn't fast enough anymore. Make me
some money and you'll get a faster box.


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