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Re: Work [was: Re: SNI Alliance Partner]

Subject: Re: Work [was: Re: SNI Alliance Partner]
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 13:16:56 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
Hi Stoned and all,

hope you don't mind, Stoned, when I push this to the mailing list
again. I believe that this of general interest.

 > [about GCC]
 > Don't know for other, but for me it's my usual work stance: 'if you can
 > compile it, there's something strange about it'

Well, for me it's vice versa: If I can't make the binary working,
there's something strange about it. Imagine all the commercial
software must be compiled by dumb (l)users first :-)

 > [about Milo]
 > You'll have it, it's a matter of days... (sorry my poor skill at MIPS
 > assembler prevent me from releasing it this monday).

Doesn't matter. If you send it to me, I'll put together a new
release. Any other patches from anyone, no matter if alpha, beta
or whatever?

 > [about console]
 > The problem is that Linux console is an awfull piece of code, and I
 > don't speak about any Magnum specific part. As Ralf told me, Linux/68k
 > console is the right one, work is under progress in our side of the
 > world.  

And this might turn into a problem: Paolo is also working on a
console driver enhancement, if I got him right. If you and Ralf 
don't tell the others about your work, someone else might spend 
hours into nothing. No good idea. Either announce what you plan 
to do, or do nothing. At least, avoid hacking on specific parts 
when you're not sure about other's plans. 

 > [about SCSI]
 > Well you know that scsi stuff really turned me on, but I had focused
 > for now on boot sequence stuff. 

Sure, I understand the boot sequence stuff is enough work. Anyway,
I believe that the scsi stuff should have TOP priority.

 > I think it will permit:
 > - integration of MIPS specific parts in Linux mainstream sources (font
 >    problem)
 > - better interface for other Mipses boxes bootloaders (aka DEC:)
 > - good chance to clean up Milo (I started this)
 > So tell me if this is 'useless' or not, I will reconsider my current
 > focus according to your advices, really.

Nothing of this is useless. It's rather the question if it's the
right order, and if the work is at least halfway coordinated. 
See above: Is there perhaps something Paolo could contribute 
to the console driver issue? 

 > Hum,... I really dont know what to think about these political stuff
 > with SNI,... all I see is that someone have to spend 3 month in a row
 > on this RM200 box...

Not necessarily. I already said that I will do the very first steps.
I've done that already with the Magnum and the Acer boxes, so it
isn't totally new for me. Everything else, ie. drivers for hardware
that isn't covered by the current Linux kernel is up to someone else.
I would like to spend more time, but I can't.


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