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Re: SNI Alliance Partner

Subject: Re: SNI Alliance Partner
From: "Paolo Bevilacqua" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 13:16:29 +0100
In-reply-to: Andreas Busse <> "Re: SNI Alliance Partner" (Nov 20, 11:54am)
References: <>
On Nov 20, 11:54am, Andreas Busse wrote:
> Subject: Re: SNI Alliance Partner
> #define FLAME_ON


> With the current "project flow", if one can call it so, I doubt
> that we can make any realistic estimations on what takes how much
> time. Fact is that max. 10% of the people on the list do 90% of
> the work, and IMHO not always the "right thing", myself included.
> I actually gave up trying to manage the Linux/MIPS project because
> I didn't had the feeling that someone cares about what I say or
> not. Anyway, doesn't matter.

I wouldn't say that nobody cares about your precious coordination, but that
people (including me) often fails in packing, documenting and releasing the
work they have done. A bit more effort in this would help a lot.

> But if I had to decide about further activities just as with a
> commercial project, I would say: It failed, forget about it.
> Fortunally this is no commercial project, but if everyone on the
> list would think about the project and his specific parts as if it
> would be one, things might change. The general rule of thumb
> shouldn't be "is it fun?" but "does it help?" to work on a specific
> part of Linux/MIPS. Otherwise it'll never become real fun :-(
>  > At a first glance we need to consider:
>  > - availability of a robust crossdev env.
>  > - the ubiquitous MILO in some reincarnation
>  > - support for console and disk
>  > - port of the basic utilities
>  >
> And this perfectly matches what I think.
> It is, of course, very important that Ralf works on GCC. But I
> really cannot understand why there's still no reliable binary
> distribution. I don't think that one person should hack GCC and
> another one puts it together. We've seen that with gcc-2.6.3 --
> the binary I've made had a bug resulting in a keyboard driver
> problem. Nobody noticed that simply because everyone grabs the
> source and builds his own compiler. Why???

See above - Since i'm kinda stalled with the video board i'll release the
crossdev that i built, unless there are newer versions on theyr (close) way.

> Similar with Milo: Months ago I asked for patches since Milo
> is more than due for an update. What have I got? Nothing.
> Console: Well, console works for me. It's slow, yes. But is this
> a problem? Are there any critical applications that need a super-
> optimized console driver?
> What should be fixed is the lowres problem on the Magnum. And
> if the fix increases speed, wonderful! But the problem is not that
> it is slow, or am I wrong?

You're right. I would categorize the editor into this kind of applications,
anyway :).

> Disk: Yeah, would be great if we had a scsi driver, at least for
> the Jazz family. Volunteers welcome! I would throw code and docs
> after him!

Gee, if this crazyness will take me the right way you will call me Paolo 'Drew'

> Basic Tools: Guess we shouldn't even think about this before we
> have a scsi driver. Or do we want to run everything from a
> 16 Meg ramdisk? Heard about SoftRam for Windows?  We should
> port it to Linux/MIPS :-)
> #define FLAME_OFF
> Any comments?

My usual 5c.


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