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Re: SNI Alliance Partner

Subject: Re: SNI Alliance Partner
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 11:54:19 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
Hi again,

 > Totally agreed. I think we should realistically calculate how many
 > probabilities there are of having a basic port done in (let's say) three
 > months. This would allow Siemens to advertise Linux as 'experimental but
 > working' OS on their machines, potentially attracting customers/developers to
 > continue working on it, and consequently renew the support for a longer time.

Glad to see a substantial response to my concerns :-)

#define FLAME_ON

With the current "project flow", if one can call it so, I doubt 
that we can make any realistic estimations on what takes how much 
time. Fact is that max. 10% of the people on the list do 90% of 
the work, and IMHO not always the "right thing", myself included.
I actually gave up trying to manage the Linux/MIPS project because
I didn't had the feeling that someone cares about what I say or
not. Anyway, doesn't matter.

But if I had to decide about further activities just as with a
commercial project, I would say: It failed, forget about it.
Fortunally this is no commercial project, but if everyone on the
list would think about the project and his specific parts as if it 
would be one, things might change. The general rule of thumb 
shouldn't be "is it fun?" but "does it help?" to work on a specific
part of Linux/MIPS. Otherwise it'll never become real fun :-(

 > At a first glance we need to consider:
 > - availability of a robust crossdev env.
 > - the ubiquitous MILO in some reincarnation
 > - support for console and disk
 > - port of the basic utilities

And this perfectly matches what I think. 

It is, of course, very important that Ralf works on GCC. But I 
really cannot understand why there's still no reliable binary 
distribution. I don't think that one person should hack GCC and 
another one puts it together. We've seen that with gcc-2.6.3 -- 
the binary I've made had a bug resulting in a keyboard driver 
problem. Nobody noticed that simply because everyone grabs the 
source and builds his own compiler. Why???

Similar with Milo: Months ago I asked for patches since Milo
is more than due for an update. What have I got? Nothing. 

Console: Well, console works for me. It's slow, yes. But is this 
a problem? Are there any critical applications that need a super-
optimized console driver? 
What should be fixed is the lowres problem on the Magnum. And
if the fix increases speed, wonderful! But the problem is not that
it is slow, or am I wrong?

Disk: Yeah, would be great if we had a scsi driver, at least for
the Jazz family. Volunteers welcome! I would throw code and docs
after him!

Basic Tools: Guess we shouldn't even think about this before we 
have a scsi driver. Or do we want to run everything from a 
16 Meg ramdisk? Heard about SoftRam for Windows?  We should
port it to Linux/MIPS :-)
#define FLAME_OFF

Any comments?


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