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Low res video troubles

Subject: Low res video troubles
From: "Paolo Bevilacqua" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 11:36:02 +0100
I'm having some trouble getting a correct display with this board.
I've read all the related manual and i can correctly program the G364 up to its
last bit. What happens is the following:

One half (ie, one each two) display lines aren't displayed. Instead, a copy of
the previous line is displayed, garbling the font.


instead of


this is displayed:


This is the same problem that the ARC bios shows, and does not depends by the
display paramenters (like v-disp, front porch and stuff) neither by the pixel
depth or anything. Since the configuration shell and the RISC/os PROM doesn't
show this problem i tried to use G364 register values fetched from the latter,
but without success.
I'm start thinking that this board has problems depending by the endianess used
by the processor. This would explain why the low res board isn't supported for
microshit environment.
Of course i hope to be wrong, and that there is something 'different' to do
when accessing the frame buffer.
I hope that somebody with a deeper knowledge of the machine architecture can
help me, because i can't really go ahead with an almost unreadable display, and
i don't think i can easily get an high-res video board ...


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