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Re: Paul Antoine: More DECStation musings

Subject: Re: Paul Antoine: More DECStation musings
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 15:30:47 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
 > get the picture.  I think we should probably follow some nice 
 > naming convention, so that the source module "bootsect.S" needn't 
 > be called "bootsectjazz.c", "bootsectmaxine.S" etc etc... especially 
 > since each MIPS machine seems to be so different in it's booting 
 > mechanism.  (Trust me, the DECStation is much more like the Sun SPARC
 > machines that jazz/magnum/oily etc.)
 > It also means it becomes *very* clear which pieces of code are
 > common to all h/w using the MIPS architecture, which must be considered
 > a good thing for anyone doing a port to some strange MIPS machine.  
 > This common code would still contain #ifdef __R4000__ or #ifdef __R3000__ 
 > und so weiter (sp? etc. for the rest of us :-) to cater for differing 
   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ perfect :-)
 > CPU's...
 > What do you think?  It should probably be done sooner rather than later
 > (i.e. now?), especially as we're working on a 1.3.xx tree... (Hi Ralf!)

I agree 100%. That's the best suggestion I read on this list since
the whole project exists :-)


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