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Re: Olivetti and Magnum (I hope) RAM detection

Subject: Re: Olivetti and Magnum (I hope) RAM detection
From: "David Kerry" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 20:41:23 -0500
In-reply-to: <> from "Stoned Elipot" at Oct 30, 95 10:44:36 am
> Hi all, 
> you will find in two files
> named 'oilyram.c' and 'oilyram'. The second one is an ARC Bios
> executable, you can just launch it the same way as you launch Milo. If
> you want to compile it yourself, see the comments at the top of the
> source file,... Well this stuff will hopefully report the amount of
> physical RAM installed in an Olivetti Box, and I hope in a Magnum 4000
> two (one more test to see if this two boxes are really tweens
> :). 
> Cheers, Stoned.

        I seem to have the problem as one of the other fellows
here... Running oilyram from the ARC firmware on my Magnum 4000
doesn't seem to give the desired result.  It seems to run,
but then immediately goes back to the firmware screen with no output.

David Kerry

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