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Re: Systems 95 show in Munich

Subject: Re: Systems 95 show in Munich
From: Jens Hoffmann <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 12:31:18 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Andreas Busse" at Oct 20, 95 06:40:10 pm

Andreas Busse wrote:

>  > I hereby renew my statement of interest for this project :)
>  > I am still not very keen on kernel-hacking but you'll know,
>  > what I can do:)

> Well, the whole project lacks of documentation. Also (if you
> have a *real* computer now :-)) binary distributions of compilers,
> linkers etc. are always welcome. Ask Stefan if he plans to work
> on Linux/MIPS, otherwise there's a spare Olivetti box. BTW, Stefan
> unsubscribed, so you need to mail him directly.

My sweet little teenie weenie working machine gets a major upgrade this
weekend. It'll jump from 386sx/64k/4MB to 486DX33/256k/4MB :)
The point approaches, from where I can generate a kernel in less than 7h.

Documentation sounds good, to me.
Also configuring releases of the different tools :)
But you are right, for the latter part,a  MIPS BOX would come in handy.

I think, during my next visit in Waldorf, I'll talk with Stefan.


(RAh, did you know, that MS delivers the Developer Network on 29 CDs
  and has no single Compiler in it, besides one for PowerPC?
 DID you know, that WIN95 sometimes can't detect Media-Changes in the
 DID you know, that the master-installer is not able to install needed
  packages in the right sequence?  )

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