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Re: Magnum + Kernel 1.2.11

Subject: Re: Magnum + Kernel 1.2.11
From: "David Kerry" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 20:05:07 -0400
In-reply-to: <> from "Andreas Busse" at Oct 18, 95 07:18:10 am
> David, could you please try with this kernel binary too? Just
> to make sure that your problem does not depend on some compiler/linker
> or configuration problems.
> Thanks,
> Andy

        OK! The binaries you provided work perfectly.  No keyboard
problems whatsoever.  I guess the problem is in how I'm compiling things.
The milo speed improvements are welcome too!

        Alright, here's what I'm using to compile things:

        - gcc 2.6.3 crossdev set from (binaries)
        - libc4.6.27 and include4.6.27 from
        - kernel v1.2.11.2 (also from
        - Machine the compiler is running on
          is a Pentium-90 running various 1.3.x kernels.

        - Only machine enabled in kernel config is Magnum4000.
        - Compile runs fine and links fine, no warnings/errors.
        - Produced kernel boots fine, but has the known
          keyboard problem.

        Is there something I'm missing, or doing wrong here?

David Kerry

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