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Re: Oily report

Subject: Re: Oily report
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 08:38:12 +0100
In-reply-to: <9510170115.AA07571@silver.sni.CA>
Hi again,

 >      Here's the specs (as far as I can determine) from my
 > Magnum 4000.  The label on the front say "Mips ARCSystem,
 > Magnum 4000 PC-50".  It's in a typical gray metal desktop casing 
 > with a plastic fascia.  Floppy is mounted vertically on the right
 > side and there are two 5 1/4" bays to the left of the floppy.
 > On the back, everything is very neatly labelled with what appears
 > [...]

Ok, that's sounds familiar. Probably no FCC or VDE signs and other 
bells and whissles on the back, so one can assume that our Magnums 
are identical.

So... The problem must be with your keyboard(s). I suggest to
add some debug code in the keyboard driver so that we can see
what really happens. Also increase the timeouts. 

Paolo, you reported problems with your keyboard too a while
ago. I don't remember if you tried with the RiscOs bootloader
or with the ARCS Bios. Could you please verify this again,
and perhaps also try to boot a Linux kernel so that we can find
out what happens? If you don't find the time to build a kernel,
let me know. I'll upload a binary to FNET then.


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