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Saturday in Paris

Subject: Saturday in Paris
From: (Paolo Bevilacqua)
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 15:47:59 +0200
Take two french hackers and theyr various boxes, a cat and a visitor from
Rome. Take a beta net-tools set and an heavvily patched mips development
suite. Add an underscore in front of main() et voila': you can now crash the
kernel with 'ifconfig' :)

Things that i've learned in Paris, in random order:
- Plan 9 has a funny windowing system, it's called 8 1/2 but you have to
figure how to use it.
- Maximum uptime for Mach is half a day.
- LAT and etherswitches don't mix well together.
- Cool apartements in Paris have Ethernet but not phone.
- Chorus singing in restaurants is allowed.
- Metro' routing ends at 1.00 am. After, you must use taxi encapsulation.
- Scheduling time for girlfriends is a common problem.
- one should alias 'find . -name "*.c" -exec grep PATTERN {} \; -print'
- ext2fs is good almost as UFS except that it writes metadata at
different times, but can i burned if i remember when.

See you all next time!



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