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Oily report

Subject: Oily report
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:17:32 +0200
Hi all, 
well here is where we are, aka State of the art on Oily boxes (I

kernel 1.2.11 boots and mounts a root fs from a 1.44M floppy - yes
Andy your floppy driver works out of the box on the Oily - Sonic
ethernet chip probing seems ok (good MAC address reported). We had
problem linking user binaries ('we' is - as Paolo was in Paris this
week-end - Luc, Paolo and me :): when we use mipsel-linux-ld to link
things like ash or ifconfig (yes we can dream;) we got an 'undefined
reference to _main', but it's solved by putting a '_' in from of main in
the source (you should have heard Paolo saying "PUT AN _ IN FRONT OF
IT" ;) or more cleany using mipsel-linux-gcc to do the link (Ralf can
you light our lantern, please ?) Well at last we got an OMAGIC
executable but the kernel panic when we tried to launch it (both ash
and ifconfig),... the ash compiled by Ralf works fine,... I need to
take a closer look  at this... Anyway, we still got to find out a way
to proprely (aka without the NMI stuff) discover of much RAM there is
in a Oily box...

One more word, I'm still confused by the kernel: each time I try to
compile a kernel with the Oily '#ifdef' and 'switch' I had added
(surely wrongly), it fails to boot, so for now I use a "standard" MIPS
Magnum 4000 configuration !! 

Cheers, Stoned.

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