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Re: Keyboard troubles

Subject: Re: Keyboard troubles
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 10:06:18 +0100
In-reply-to: <9510120205.AA16172@silver.sni.CA>
Hi again,

 > More info on the keyboard problem:
 >      I've tried a different keyboard, with the identical
 > results as before (unrecognized scancode).  The first was
 > a generic $12 one with a PS/2 adapter on it, and the second,
 > a high-quality Digital PS/2 one.
 >      Some further investigation has revealed the following:
 >      - On boot up I get a complaint about "Scanmode 2 change failed"
 >      - Looking into the kernel source (found it in drivers/char/keyboard.c)
 >        seems to indicate that it is trying to initialize the
 >        keyboard and enable interrupts for it.
 >      I haven't a clue on what's needed at the low-level driver
 > level to make a keyboard work, but it seems that there might still
 > be something wrong in the kernel, or I've just got a quirky set of
 > keyboards.

Strange... Really. It does work on my Magnum, so why shouldn't
it work on yours... I will try to find out, but I'm really short
of time this week. Perhaps one of the other Magnum or Olivetti
guys can help?
You reported problems with the mouse too. Is it connected or
are you running the Magnum without a mouse?


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