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Keyboard troubles

Subject: Keyboard troubles
From: "David Kerry" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 22:05:29 -0400
More info on the keyboard problem:
        I've tried a different keyboard, with the identical
results as before (unrecognized scancode).  The first was
a generic $12 one with a PS/2 adapter on it, and the second,
a high-quality Digital PS/2 one.
        Some further investigation has revealed the following:
        - On boot up I get a complaint about "Scanmode 2 change failed"
        - Looking into the kernel source (found it in drivers/char/keyboard.c)
          seems to indicate that it is trying to initialize the
          keyboard and enable interrupts for it.
        I haven't a clue on what's needed at the low-level driver
level to make a keyboard work, but it seems that there might still
be something wrong in the kernel, or I've just got a quirky set of
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