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Re: Problems?

Subject: Re: Problems?
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 12:25:26 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Andreas Busse" at Oct 11, 95 09:18:02 am

>  >    - With the 1.2.11 kernel, it freezes up when it asks for the
>  >      root floppy.  Interestingly enough, this does not happen if
>  >      I unplug the mouse before I boot.
>  > 
> Yeah, that's really interesting. I must admit that I haven't tried
> to boot with the mouse plugged in yet. Thanks for the bug report,
> I'll check that.
>  >    - Booting 1.2.11 with a bare root floppy and only /bin/sh provides
>  >      me with a '#' prompt, but any attempts to type in anything result
>  >      in complaints about 'keyboard: unrecognized scancode (xx)', or
>  >      'keyboard: unknown scancode (xx)'.  Although, when the shell finally
>  >      gets a carriage-return, it complains about 'xxxxx; not found' (to be
>  >      expected), so at least the shell seems ok.

There is definatly some wierd bug with the keyboard; earlier I had a similar
problem for the first keystroke I did.  Later on the bug magically dissappeared
for me: no bug -> no debugging :-(

> The 1.3.x kernels are just "guaranteed to compile" :-) Jokes aside,
> work is in progress here and nobody expected one of the 1.3 kernels
> to run. However, at least it's good to hear that something works, even
> if it's only a panic message :-)

Oh yes - especially considering that I *never* booted a 1.3.x kernel ...
I'll fix the patching bugs when I finally reached Linus' release.  As I
wrote before I'd like all the 1.3.x kernels to be considered to be snapshots
of what I'm working on and nothing else.  Expect a better tested release
this week.


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