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Re: Linux 1.3.21 ...

Subject: Re: Linux 1.3.21 ...
From: Luc Beurton <>
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 11:10:10 +0100
>>>>> "Ralf" == Ralf Baechle <> writes:

Hi all,

Ralf> here's another couple of kernel patches.  I'm gonna upload the
Ralf> as usual to  Still eleven to go ...

Ralf> Happy patching,

Ralf>    Ralf

Ralf> PS: Stoned, Luc - could one of you please move the files online?

Ralf> 5a65e3925b364b1a35d445c02c184312 linux-1.3.10-1.3.11.diffs.gz
Ralf> e2ae717554ba287ab3ae79f6ec8ccc5f linux-1.3.11-1.3.12.diffs.gz
Ralf> ff3d8cb1fab2ddf64d5719567a0571ad linux-1.3.12-1.3.13.diffs.gz
Ralf> ee84d3786c4613b4e3893003da3eab19 linux-1.3.13-1.3.14.diffs.gz
Ralf> f09b15c469295019a16e121a9e25be20 linux-1.3.14-1.3.15.diffs.gz
Ralf> 491d137a1fc93f5272ea960627d325e0 linux-1.3.15-1.3.16.diffs.gz
Ralf> 85d7b32d20a3e7b682714572a27d63a5 linux-1.3.16-1.3.17.diffs.gz
Ralf> 051d9ff2456bff87db02f83d01ee9017 linux-1.3.17-1.3.18.diffs.gz
Ralf> a4bff060ad679a2684380c5f61bf21bf linux-1.3.18-1.3.19.diffs.gz
Ralf> 5b3937a076778a0e966a5b193b54bc45 linux-1.3.19-1.3.20.diffs.gz
Ralf> 1d6719dbc8449a71271cb7cbfaeee18a linux-1.3.20-1.3.21.diffs.gz

All these files are on


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