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Re: DECstation testing (was DECstation status)

Subject: Re: DECstation testing (was DECstation status)
From: (Dave Marks)
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 12:03:08 -0400
At 11:08 AM 10/4/95, Matt Messier wrote:

 * I'm not very well versed on cross compiling or the MIPS instruction set at
 * all.  I honestly don't have any way of verifying that the compiled C code is
 * valid.  Anybody have any suggestions here?
Well, as I described earlier, I have a working DECstation 3100, as well as
one for testing stuff.  I forgot to mention that I also have gcc-2.7.0
installed and working on it.  If you give me the source code, I can do a
"native" compile of the code.  Ugh - does that also mean that I'd need to
install some linux .h and .a files?

Regarding cross-compiling in general, I had some rather outstanding luck in
compiling hello.c with gcc-2.7.0 on my DEC3100 compiled for a
(compiler-less) Sparc-10 running Solaris 2.3.  I ftp'd the .S assembly
files to the Sparc-10, assembled and linked them under solaris, and the
damn thing worked (it core dumped the first time, but I linked in a couple
of required .o files and shazam...)!  The instructions for cross compiling
that came with gcc-2.7.0 were pretty good.  The whole point became moot
though, once I found where to get a gcc binary image for Solaris2.3, and
then boot-strapped gcc-2.7.0.

Dave Marks
Rome Laboratory

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