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DECstation testing (was DECstation status)

Subject: DECstation testing (was DECstation status)
From: (Dave Marks)
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 07:51:04 -0400
At 8:30 AM 1/1/70, Matt Messier wrote:

 * Does anybody out there with a DEC 3100 or 5000 have the ability to test
 * this stuff?  It is a little bit difficult for me at the moment because I

Matt, was anyone able to support your testing needs?

If not, I've got a DEC-3100 with an external IMPRIS 1GB drive and Ethernet.
It's got Ultrix 4.2 on it, but it's not really in use, nor does it have a
specific use for the future (other than possibly as an X-Terminal).  I also
have another DEC-3100 in regular use, on the same Ethernet, that has 2x2GB
Disks, a 250MB disk (with ultrix 4.2) and a TK-50 Tape drive. I have some
smaller SCSI disks (40-120MB) which I could use as beat-me-up disks to
install test stuff on.  How much space is really needed?  I would like to
avoid swapping disks also, but the problem (still) is how to get the test
stuff onto the test drive without mounting the drive on another system, or
booting from a working boot drive on the same system?

Enough babbling... What can I do for you with my stuff?

Dave Marks
Rome Laboratory

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