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GCC 2.7.0 (Was: Cross compilers for MIPS NT?)

Subject: GCC 2.7.0 (Was: Cross compilers for MIPS NT?)
From: Paolo Bevilacqua <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 14:48:00 +0100
At 08:57 AM 9/28/95 +0100, Andreas Busse wrote:
> > 
> > I didn't see one last time I looked, but...
> > 
> > Has any body brewed a cross compiler for MIPS NT 3.5?
> > 
> > Warner
> > 
>Did you notice that there's some limited support for
>Win-NT in gcc-2.7.0? Only as native compiler for Alpha
>and x86, but...

I've installed GCC 2.7.0 on my 486 box and had a lot of trouble compiling a
1.2.13 kernel. After spending a lot of time removing leading underscores in
assembler symbols to match his idea 'ld' outputted and ELF image that xtract
refuse to deal with. I've the added -oformat a.out-i386-link to the linker
options, but now it says that this would output an unrepresentable section,
and refuses to dump a such (oscene in my toughts) image. There is to say
that i'm totally dummie for GNUism, may be i was evertytime very lucky in past ?

And Unidata hardware trashing departement striked again. Now there is an
Alpha (Jensen, not -that- Jensen :) board floating around. Gee, i thin i
will go soon (6 months) to crash some kernel on it.

Final subject:
I will be in Amsterdam 11,12,13 october for a RIPE meeting. The meeting
itself is usually boring (except that i will introduce the new NAP in Rome
:), but the city isn't. If you are in floating beer mood, whistle. Would be
nice to meet all you fine hacker in a recreactional context.

Cheers all!
Paolo Bevilacqua
RMnet Communications  
ph/fax: +39 6 85302774

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