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Re: DECstation status

Subject: Re: DECstation status
From: Matt Messier <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 10:46:03 -0400
In-reply-to: <>
On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, Andreas Busse wrote:

>  > I am at work right now so I don't have time to put the stuff together for
>  > testing elsewhere, but I will do so tonight.  By the way, where should I
>  > ftp this stuff to?  What shall it be called, and should it be separated 
> from
>  > Milo?  Personally I think the answer to the Milo question is yes.  The text
>  > and data segments need to fit within 15360 bytes.  All that needs to 
> happen in
>  > the loader (at least for now) is to load the kernel and jump to it's entry
>  > point.  It also needs to properly handle prom restarts, etc.  Fairly 
> straight
>  > forward, but it also needs to have knowledge of the filesystem so that it 
> can
>  > find the kernel.  What I have now does little more than print some messages
>  > out to the console via the firmware callback vector.
>  > 
> As a temporary solution, please mail tar'ed gzip'ed and uuencoded
> files to Luc Beurton <> and tell him where to put
> the files.

Ok.  That works for me.  I'll send some stuff his way tonight.  Where should
it be put (i.e., where should I tell him to put it)?

> Regarding Milo or not: Name it DECLD or whatever, but at a certain
> point it would be a good idea to integrate your sources into the
> milo source tree, but not into milo itself. This way a build of
> milo can produce all necessary loaders, you know ?

Ok.  For the time being I'm going to call it LinuxBoot following the
UltrixBoot naming convention.  This can change at any time.  I'm not
attached to that name in any way :-)  Also makes sense to migrate it into the
milo source tree eventually (once it is deemed to be working).  For now I
would prefer to keep it separate for ease of development and testing

Matt Messier
The Prilnari Project
Lincoln, RI, USA

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