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Re: DECstation status

Subject: Re: DECstation status
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 15:55:01 +0200
In-reply-to: <> (message from Andreas Busse on Mon, 25 Sep 1995 14:47:39 +0100)

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Busse <> writes:
Andreas> Not that I think you shouldn't do anything regarding the DEC
Andreas> port, but didn't you say you already have enough load ? :->>>

Oh yes, but not because of Linux/MIPS :( Ouin,...
And besides this I know a little about disk swapping - it's boring:
that was before I got a floppy drive and an transceiver for the
Oily,.... yes I must admit it, I used vindoze NT to do the downloading
of milo,kernel,... on this box, shame on me :)

Well, that's why I think I can put on this little DEC... :) :)

Cheers, Stoned.

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