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Re: DECstation status

Subject: Re: DECstation status
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 1995 14:45:56 +0100
In-reply-to: <>
 > This weekend I had an opportunity to get some work done on the DECstation 
 > port.  Admittedly I haven't gotten too terribly far, but I've got basic 
 > boot code written.  It is as yet untested, but I have written code to 
 > install the bootloader onto the scsi device, and I have gotten a start on 
 > the bootloader itself.

Good work!

 > Does anybody out there with a DEC 3100 or 5000 have the ability to test 
 > this stuff?  It is a little bit difficult for me at the moment because I 
 > need to swap drives around all of the time to test things. I'm quite 
 > willing to work on writing the code if someone can test it easily for 
 > me.  Once things get a bit further along and we know that it is working 
 > somewhat reasonably well, I'll be a bit more willing to spend half an 
 > hour at a shot to test a change :-)

Yes, please contact Simon Greaves <>. 
Today he wrote:

> >So... Is there anything I can do ? 
> Just keep me informed of the status of Linux for MIPS R3000 (ie DECstation 
> 5000 series).
> Might be able to offer some help with the port, depending on what needs done 
> etc.

 > Also, what I would like to do is to have the bootloader recognize an ext2 
 > partition as opposed to a ufs partition (or possibly xiafs).  There are a 
 > number of reasons for this.  Is anyone opposed?

No, I would prefer to use the ext2fs on a DEC too if I had such
a box. It's the standard Linux fs, and actually quite necessary!


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