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Re: Cross compilers for MIPS NT?

Subject: Re: Cross compilers for MIPS NT?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 12:48:13 -0600
: Sorry, nothing yet heared about such a beast.  There is however
: some work in progress in brewing WIN32 support.  This and the
: POSIX features of NT should make it fairly easy to brew such
: a thing.  Don't know how far this applies to the configuration
: scripts.

Just need to be able to build console mode apps, which I know that the
NT Intel port of GCC does right now.  I'd *NEVER* use the POSIX side
of NT.  It is a toy that is there as a checklist item for the
government contracts, and will never be functional, imho.

I'll have to blaze this trail myself then....  Looks like the
configure script for the latest gcc snapshot groks only alpha--winnt
and ix86--winnt.  I'll see how hard it is to add mipsel--winnt :-).

Would anybody else find this useful?


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