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Re: DECstation news

Subject: Re: DECstation news
From: (Pete A. Zaitcev)
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 09:53:42 +0400
Dear Collegues,

SPARC PROM requires a.out images to boot and the rest of Linux/SPARC
was planned to be ELF-only. But I had some troubles with ELF-->a.out linkage
with binutils-2.5.8 for SPARC. I wrote a simple filter which converts a
bootable image of a kernel form ELF to a.out. It is somewhere at under /pub/linux/Sparc/... Sorry for disturbtion if
this note is not interesting.

I wonder which version of gld/BFD can link ELF object code with a.out
result without a coredumps (at MIPS). IMHO, this solution is better than
ad hoc tools. I want to adopt it for SPARC. Why Ralf called it 'ugly'?

Best wishes,

>> For the first time, the boot loaders will be able to load mipsel 407 
>> executables
>> (from ufs in the 'rz' case), but they should be aware of the ELF/ext2fs
>> combination too. 
>If that makes live easier for you - the ELF linker has no problem in linking
>ELF files together and then producing an a.out file.  This is ugly and
>has several disadvantages but could make live easier as long as we don't
>have real ELF loader code ready.
>   Ralf

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