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Re: Linux MIPS

To:, Andreas Busse <>
Subject: Re: Linux MIPS
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 07:44:16 +0200
Hi Phil!

 > If I can be of any help kernel hacking let me know, although I have done
 > quite a bit of windoze/dos C programming, some unix admin stuff and a few
 > bug fixes in freebsd I have never done any kernel hacking (good time to
 > start I suppose !!!)

Sure :-)  I wasn't a kernel hacker too before I simply couldn't resist
to work on it...

 > Please let me know what I can do !!!!!
 > >
 > >I also guess that you want to subscribe to our mailing list.
 > >Please let me know if I shall put you on.
 > yes, please do put me on the mailing list.
 > >

OK. I'll subscribe you. The list's address is <>.
What you can and should to then is to ask Stoned Elipot 
<> if and how you can help him with
the Olivetti support. Also, if there are any questions, please
feel free to post on the list.

 > >BTW, What kind of OS are you running on that box? WinNT or
 > >perhaps Mips RiscOS ?
 > At the moment, nothing !! It is a bare machine that I picked up quite 
 > cheaply.

Ah, guess you got it from Applied Personal Computing ?

 > I was going to install WinNT  but I would rather put a unix variant on it, I
 > thought about port PMAX for NETBSD but as It does not yet have native
 > binaries and does not directly support the Olivetti I thought I would see
 > how the Linux Port is doing
 > I know that this may not be very popular but my main unix machine is
 > currently running FreeBSD (sorry) any chance of a cross compiler ????

Well, we have crosscompiler patches and binaries available. It
shouldn't be a problem to make mipsel-linux-gcc running on a
NetBSD box.

 > I realise I ought to install i386/Linux really though (g)

Well, it would be useful, of course. But I don't mind if you
continue to run NetBSD. No religions on this list :-)

Well... Welcome to Linux/MIPS! Have fun!


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