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Re: Linux MIPS

To: Phil Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Linux MIPS
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 1995 09:08:14 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
Hi Phil!

 > Just a quick note to see how the MIPS ports are going,
 > I am using an Olivetti M700-10, if i can be of any help with testing etc
 > please let me know....

Sure! Do you think of testing only, or would you also be able
to spend some time into kernel hacking? The problem is that
although the Olivetti box belongs to our "best supported" 
architecture (if one can say so at this moment) its kernel
lacks of several small things that could be easily done and
tested. Just let me know!

I also guess that you want to subscribe to our mailing list.
Please let me know if I shall put you on.

BTW, What kind of OS are you running on that box? WinNT or
perhaps Mips RiscOS ?

Thanks for your offer,

Andreas Busse                      |
Waldorf Electronics GmbH, R&D Dep. | Phone: +49 2636-970105
Neustrasse 9-12, D-53498 Waldorf   | Fax:   +49 2636-970106

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