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Re: Milo Speedup

Subject: Re: Milo Speedup
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 19:24:06 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
Hi again,

 > I think I may have left IDE enabled.  However, I didn't think it would
 > be a problem since I don't have a IDE controller in my machine.  It
 > should just detect that it isn't there and not do anything.

Actually yes. But who knows...

 > : Well, I can put it on the TODO list. As long nobody removes this
 > : item, we will be remembered at least once a week.
 > It isn't the fact that we need a unified kernel, it is marking the
 > places in the source as people add/notice them that I'm talking about
 > here.  Something like:
 >      /* XXX Fix for unified kernel */
 > or some stock phrase we can grep for.  That way, when we do go to fix
 > it, we have a higher confidence level that we've caught all the
 > interesting parts.

No problem. Mark the locations where you think changes will be
necessary and we'll let the marks in. OK?


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