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move to 1.3

Subject: move to 1.3
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 09:12:04 +0200
Hi all,

the demand to move to the 1.3 kernel seems to increase.
There are quite a few people on the list asking for this,
and I must admit that it would have several advantages.
However, I'd like to see user code running on all current
targets, that is the Pica, Magnum, Olivetti and RPC44 boxes
before moving over to 1.3.
I believe that if we change before having all targets
more or less at the same state we would produce more
problems than needed. It might even happen that people are
working on different kernel releases, which is certainly
no good idea.

So what needs to be done (I'll move that to the TODO list
as soon we agreed over that) ?

- add my patches #1...#5 to the current kernel
- add Olivetti support to the kernel and Milo, where it's still
missing. I don't know what is missing, but I'm convinced that
there are many locations missing some "if ( ... || MACH_OLIVETTI_M700)"
or similar lines...
- add floppy driver support to the PICA kernel.
- add RPC44 support to Milo and kernel
- add Linux/i386 1.2.11 kernel patches
- check user code on all systems (at least /bin/bash should work)
- release Linux/MIPS kernel 1.2.11

I know, that's a bit oversimplified. However, I believe that
we need to have a common kernel functionality before we can
change to 1.3. 

Ok, tell me what you think and what I've forgotten. 


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