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More progress

Subject: More progress
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 1995 15:43:59 -0600
OK.  Problem #1:
        panic() doesn't work until things are farther along in the
        boot process :-(.  Linux has been panicing all over the place,
        but I can't see the panic message :-(.
Problem #2:
        The config name is DESKSTATION_RPC44, but in some places it
        was _RPC (note, no 44).  Fixed these.
Problem #3:
        The IRQ stuff is panicing because there is no case for RPC44.
        I'm fixing it as well.

Anyway, I've hacked PANIC to print stuff when things aren't too smart

Again, another tip:  If you don't get any output, then maybe Linux is
panicing before it has enough brains to print error messages.  Maybe
we should use the BIOS routines if no video address is yet set????


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