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Re: binutils question

Subject: Re: binutils question
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 1995 17:35:14 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
 > Last night I tried to install binutils (with the patches)on a linux box 
 > (as cross-tools), and realized that the configuration doesn't support 
 > anything 
 > like mipsel-linux or similar (mipsllinux), only mips-elf.
 > Is that true ? Is it entirely ELF now ?

Actually not. Last time when I compiled the crossdev stuff I had no
problems with the configuration. What you need to patch binutils
is binutils-2.5.2-2.diffs.gz, when I remember right. Then configure
binutils with --host=i486-linux and --target=mipsel-linux. That should
work right out of the box.

 > Anyway, I'm trying with mips-ecoff now. I just need COFF files to play
 > with the pmax bootloader.
 > I thought that mips-ecoff and mips-linuxaout would be the same, or at least
 > very similar, but it looks like they aren't.
 > Or am I completely wrong ? If I am, I speak executable files of type '407'
 > where the .data and .text can be loaded at once (according to my netbsd 
 > sources)
 > Someone plase enlighten me...

The binutils-2.5.2 with patch set -2 should support both a.out and ecoff, 
but a.out is the default. If you want ecoff output, you need to tell
the linker about. Take a look at Milo, which is linked into an ecoff

You can also download the gcc and binutils binaries from,
if you like.

Hope this helps,

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