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Subject: Grrr: SIGEMT
From: "David S. Miller" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 16:16:54 -0400
In-reply-to: <> (message from Andreas Busse on Thu, 31 Aug 1995 15:42:07 +0200)
   Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 15:42:07 +0200
   From: Andreas Busse <>

   I wonder why gdb thinks that signal 7 is SIGEMT. In Linux
   this is SIGBUS. Any ideas, anyone ?

SIGEMT me thinks is a BSD thing, I have to provide it for SunOS
compatibility if that means anything...  And whats even more strange
is that the NetBSD Sparc code sends this signal to a process if it
gets a tagged addition overflow trap ??!?!?!  Possibly Ultrix or IRIX
or some other MIPS based Unix has this?  As another point of reference
my Sparc gdb stub happens to use SIGEMT for fp disabled traps so it
seems as if SIGEMT is another one of the MAGIC Unix things ;)

David S. Miller

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