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Re: TODO list

Subject: Re: TODO list
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 09:06:54 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
Hi again,

 > We need to have some way to move Linux from some sort of distribution
 > media to the target system.  We'd need to have some Mips specific
 > tools to do this job, altough much is platform neutral (at least for
 > the ARCBIOS machines).  Setting up environement variables to allow
 > Linux to boot from the menu, etc.  Once the environment is "stable,"
 > then things like slackware would likely just work for the most part.
 > Like I said, this stuff is a while out just yet.  We can't even boot a
 > full system yet.

You're right. However, we come closer and closer to the point
where we either can mount a remote fs via network or can use a
SCSI hd as local filesystem. At this certain point I actually
wouldn't mind if the basic tools are statically linked. I know,
I'll get flames for this statement, but I actually would prefer
to be able to check the essential things without the hassle of
shared libs.

Next, as already suggested, I like the idea of a /boot partition
or directory. On ARC boxes, this could be a FAT partition which
the BIOS can read, and on all other boxes it could be a directory.
Once we have decided this, we can write installation tools. For
ARC systems, nothing special is required. Insert a boot floppy or
CD and start Milo, which in turn launches a kernel prepared for
the installation process (That is, load a ramdisk from floppy or CD). 
The kernel will then either prompt for a rootdisk from which a ramdisk 
can be loaded or proceed with mounting the CD as root filesystem. And 
then everything as usual, like in the slakware distribution. Choose 
keyboard, partition the disk, install stuff, setup names and addresses 
and that's it. If we only had something to install :-)


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