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TODO list

Subject: TODO list
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 18:50:50 +0200

So, here is it. It is completely subject to discuss and change, 
so feel free to reorganize if you think that a different format 
might be better. I could imagine a priorized format, but that 
also has disadvantages. 

The Linux/MIPS TODO list -- volunteers welcome!

This list is split into several parts:

Loader:         Bootstrap loader related things.

Kernel:         Kernel-related topics, such as drivers needed,
                bugs to fix etc.

Crossdev:       Cross-compiler and linker related things to do.

Library:        Linux/MIPS C Library related topics.

Applications:   All user code related things.

Tools:          Needed tools, for porting, debugging and so on.

If you think you can do something on Linux/MIPS, first check
what you'd most prefer or what is most suited to you. Then
see below if there is something needed. If you find something
you like to work on, please let us know so that work won't be
done twice. Thanks!
Please send submissions, suggestions etc. directly to me.

Andy            <>


1.      DECstation 3100/5000 loaders, both for harddisk
        and network boot.

2.      Mips Magnum 3000 and RC3xxx boot loaders

3.      Milo: Magnum 4000 and Olivetti M700 video mode
        detection needed


1.      Integrate support for Olivetti M700.
        Magnum 4000 code can be used.

2.      Fix JAZZ SONIC driver

2.      Fix TCP/IP and UDP protocol stacks

3.      Fix JAZZ DMA translation table driver, if necessary

4.      JAZZ DMA driver needed.

5.      JAZZ floppy driver needed.

7.      JAZZ SCSI driver needed.

8.      JAZZ serial port driver needed.

9.      JAZZ parallel port driver needed.
  (Done. Needs some testing)

10.     Combine interrupt handlers of Acer PICA, Mips
        Magnum 4000 and Olivetti M700 into a single
        source file, if possible.


1.      Fix ELF support for target.

2.      Provide binary crossdev distribution for 
        ELF- and a.out-based Linux/i386


1.      Check and debug C library

APPLICATIONS (if one can say so at this time :-))

1.      Release source and binary of basic apps, such as
        a shell, fs tools and other essential programs

2.      I'd like to have /sbin/sync :-)


1.      Port GDB
  (I'm working on that. Expect a beta-version next week)


Comments welcome!


Andreas Busse                      |
Waldorf Electronics GmbH, R&D Dep. | Phone: +49 2636-970105
Neustrasse 9-12, D-53498 Waldorf   | Fax:   +49 2636-970106

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