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Re: TODO list

Subject: Re: TODO list
From: Andreas Busse <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 18:42:15 +0200
In-reply-to: <>
Hi all!

 > Go for it.  So far I have only one thing on my list:
 >      * Get Deskstation rPC44 booting as well as the other machines.
 > :-)

And that is, in detail:
- write an interrupt handler
- add bootinfo stuff to milo
- etc. etc. :-)
 > Maybe it would be best to post what needs to be done (or send them to
 > Andy, since he seems to be willing to be point) and then Andy can put
 > it together.  

Yes. I still try to coordinate the uncoordinatable :-)

 > However, are we to the point where such a list would be
 > productive?  

Yes, since there are many tiny little things to do that aren't
high on the priority list, but would be very helpful.

 > Would the existance of the list help to move forward the
 > goals of the Linux/MIPS project?  

Certainly. At least, we would have something to discuss.

 > Are there enough people with
 > machines just sitting around that they would like to do something
 > with, if only they knew what?  

I would say, 20 or more people with access to at least one 
Mips box are more than enough.

 > Are there enough people working on the
 > project that have spare cycles that such a list would produce faster
 > progress?  

I'm not sure. There are many people on the list from whom I haven't
heard since more than half a year, or even longer. No offense! I just
believe that it is a question of motivation to make these people
doing useful work.

 > Would such a list help make sure that things get done and
 > nothing falls through the cracks?

I certainly hope so. There are so many tiny little things that
would make my life easier and could be done by others. I just 
think of the MACHGROUP stuff which could be easily added to
Milo. See above.

 > I think that we're on the plus side of the equasion and it would be
 > good, but maybe others don't think so.

Are we on the plus side ? I guess so...

OK. I'll post that list real-soon-now. (TM) as Ralf would write :-)


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