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CVS arcboot

Subject: CVS arcboot
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 10:52:21 +0000
CVSROOT:        /home/cvs
Module name:    arcboot
Changes by:        04/11/29 10:52:21

Modified files:
        .              : Makefile 
        arclib         : Makefile 
        common         : Makefile print_loadaddr.c subarch.h version.h 
        debian         : rules tip22.manpages 
        ext2load       : Makefile loader.c 
        tip22          : Makefile tftpload.c tip22 
Added files:
        common         : print_outputformat 
        debian         : tip32.8 
        tip22          : tip32 
        tip22/kernel   : parse_rd_cmd_line-2.4-2002-05-09.diff 
Removed files:
        ext2load       : run.S 

Log message:
        SGI IP32 related improvements by Thiemo Seufer
        - Add tip32, similiar to tip22 but using ELF instead of ECOFF, and
        with a changed load address at 0x81404000 instead of the previous
        0x88000000. This allows the resulting image to load on machines
        with less than ~140 MB RAM.
        - The arcboot loader for ip32 is now also ELF, and loaded at
        0x81404000, previously it overwrote some memory reserved by the
        ROM. (This might explain some weird failure modes).
        - The linker scripts are now more robust against alignment problems.
        - The subarch detection at compile time is now more flexible.
        - Switch some iterations in the Makefiles from shell to make, this
        improves parallelization of make runs.
        - Added a 2.6 version of the ramdisk kernel patch (which recently
        went in the kernel CVS).
        - Minor fixes in loader.c: More robust assembly code, changed the
        output from "32-/64-bit" to "ELF32/ELF64" Kernel.
        - Minor fixes in tftpload.c: Some compiler warnings, changed output
        for ip32.

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