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CVS linux

Subject: CVS linux
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 14:19:35 +0000
CVSROOT:        /home/cvs
Module name:    linux
Changes by: 04/02/02 14:19:35

Modified files:
        arch/mips/mm   : Tag: linux_2_4 pg-r4k.c 
        arch/mips64/mm : Tag: linux_2_4 pg-r4k.c 

Log message:
        Don't use has_scache variable, it was always 0 anyway.  If we have an
        S-cache Create_Dirty_Exclusive operation then don't use the D-cache
        variant.  Resize arrays to be large enough for the largest function
        that possibly can be generated.  Handle the case of 128-byte S-cache
        lines correctly.  Handle delay slots in a non-disgusting fashion.
        PMC-Sierra says that the workaround for errata #18 of the R4600 V1.7
        and a similar erratum in V2.0 don't require disabling of interrupts,
        so remove that code.

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