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CVS linux

Subject: CVS linux
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 03:08:33 +0000
CVSROOT:        /home/cvs
Module name:    linux
Changes by: 03/11/10 03:08:33

Modified files:
        arch/mips      : Kconfig defconfig defconfig-atlas 
                         defconfig-bosporus defconfig-capcella 
                         defconfig-cobalt defconfig-db1000 
                         defconfig-db1100 defconfig-db1500 
                         defconfig-ddb5476 defconfig-ddb5477 
                         defconfig-decstation defconfig-e55 
                         defconfig-eagle defconfig-ev64120 
                         defconfig-ev96100 defconfig-hp-lj 
                         defconfig-ip22 defconfig-ip27 defconfig-ip32 
                         defconfig-it8172 defconfig-ivr 
                         defconfig-jmr3927 defconfig-lasat200 
                         defconfig-malta defconfig-mirage 
                         defconfig-mpc30x defconfig-mtx1 
                         defconfig-ocelot defconfig-osprey 
                         defconfig-pb1000 defconfig-pb1100 
                         defconfig-pb1500 defconfig-rm200 
                         defconfig-sb1250-swarm defconfig-sead 
                         defconfig-tb0226 defconfig-tb0229 
                         defconfig-workpad defconfig-xxs1500 
        arch/mips/au1000/common: pci_fixup.c 
        arch/mips/kernel: Makefile 
        arch/mips/mm   : Makefile c-r4k.c cache.c 
        arch/mips/sgi-ip27: ip27-setup.c 
        drivers/usb/gadget: net2280.c 
        include/asm-mips: addrspace.h dma-mapping.h io.h page-64.h 
Added files:
        arch/mips/mm   : dma-coherent.c dma-ip27.c dma-noncoherent.c 
Removed files:
        arch/mips/kernel: pci-dma.c 

Log message:
        Replicate cache coherency code for the dma API into three files.  As it
        turned out there was no sane way to keep supprt for funky DMA
        implementations such as in the IP27 together with the remaining code.
        Once the dust has settled we can see what of this code can be shared

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